Site Profit Optimisation

You’d be horrified if a potential client drove across town to your business, walked in, was confused by the layout of your reception, felt uneasy, got ignored by your staff and left within seconds via the door they just walked in.  Online we would call that visit a Bounce.  The Bounce Rate is the proportion of visitors who enter your site and leave via the same page. A high Bounce Rate may indicate a poor user experience.

Site Profit Optimisation is focused on delivering your website qualified buyers and ensuring they have a user experience which is likely to result in them converting, whatever your preferred action is.

A review of your site will include

  • Keyword research, to ensure you’re targeting the right people
  • Site Structure
  • User Experience review
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation opportunities

Generally upon implementing the recommendations clients experience improved rankings in search results, more traffic, increased conversions and revenue.

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